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The new normal, a miracle, & information about the OC Great Strides Walk

I don't think I have ever experienced such abrupt life changing transitions as I have the past two years. I went from teaching high school students dance and drama at a school on the Island of Hawai'i to a mom with a nine month old son living with CF in Southern California in less than two years. When Bryan and I were living in Kona, my drama class was working on an original musical. It was spring break and I was looking forward to finalizing the musical with my students when we returned. Then, we just never returned due to closures caused by the pandemic. I never got to say goodbye to my students in person. About six months later I got pregnant and was so nauseous I did not have the energy to say goodbye to many friends on the island those last few months before we moved to California. The lack of closure had been haunting me because my time with my students and living in Kona had been so meaningful and I felt some guilt and a heavy feeling of sadness for leaving without prope

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