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The Year 2022

I was proud of our family for making it to beach church this morning. Sure, we got there five minutes before the sermon ended, and the wind gusts were whipping Rowland’s cheerios out of his jogger tray, and the ocean waves were responding to the wind with white caps angrily thrashing about, but what was important was we made it. I was able to catch up with some friends on the beach and Rowland got to run around with Bryan and my mom, and I needed that. Rowland has been struggling to go to sleep recently, and as of last week his night time vomiting returned. He’s waking up multiple times during the night and that in combination with his night time vomiting leaves Bryan and I exhausted. The truth is I feel like those ocean waves with the white caps– angry. The year 2022 has felt as if our family has been knocked down by some invisible wind storm and the way I have responded is with determination to find some meaning behind all of it and also a lot of anger. At the end of 2021 there was a

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